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Lake Elementaita Serena camp: A hidden gem

Lake Elementaita Serena camp: A hidden gem

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I visited her, Lake Elementaita, and I stayed with her people. We hugged for a while. She welcomed me with open arms. I danced in the wind, sank my toes in her heart, laughed with the flamingoes that lived within her and rolled in the soil to cleanse my skin with the buffalos. I feel in love with her nature and got lost in her magic.


This past week I spent some time at an exclusive hidden gem located in the Rift Valley of Kenya. Lake Elementaiata Serena camp. It was magical in every way and it was everything I hoped for in a vacation and more. To put it lightly, spending time at the camp felt like a little taste of heaven.

The camp is a definite visual treat for many, from the rooms, to the lobby, the swimming pool and dining area and the food. Lake Elementaita Serena camp has poured the heart of Kenyan culture, history, art and design into every bit of their services and have carefully and thoughtfully curated each service to create the perfect taste of Kenya.

Lake Elementaita Serena camp has an intimate, down to earth and an easy-going vibe, which made it feel like I was gently floating through life during my short but very sweet stay.

The Rooms

The room I stayed in was a work of art. It was filled with rich textiles, bold earth tones, African art, vintage furniture and large windows to let in natural light (which I am complete sucker for). A feature that I found to be unique about their rooms was that they are tented. They have wooden mahogany floors and green tended wall (what’s not to love about that?) I love this because of the intimate feeling it gives between the confines of your comfy, warm room to the wild, fierce outdoors. A perfect connection with nature.

The rooms have a veranda in the back with a beautiful view of Lake Elementaita as well as the sleeping warrior, a mountain located on the other side of the lake, that looks like a human face lying down. You can sit out back, enjoy a nice cup of Kenyan tea as you watch the sunrise in the morning and watch the flamingos take flight as well as watch the sunset with a nice cocktail as you watch the Zebras and Buffalos grazing in the evening.



The service was phenomenal. Everything was organized from the point of our arrival to the point at which we left. The staff was there solely for you, by you and with you whenever you needed it. As soon as you walked into the camp you were severed with your choice of complimentary Kenya white wine or sparkling grape juice. Something that I really loved was the fact that each night someone would come in and prepare the room for bedtime. They would set up the mosquito net, take off the daytime linens and put on beautiful white linens for the night and slide in a hot water bottle under the covers to keep things toasty before you get into bed. 



 Food is a bit of an event at the camp. Breakfast on the lawn by the lake, Lunch while watching wildlife walk by and dinner on a hill with specialty drinks while watching the sun go down. All the meals where a three to four course meal, with a salad or a soup, a main course dish and dessert. The menu was a blend of seasonal and local foods as well as a fusion between Kenyan and Western foods – it was always to die for. Another bonus of the sundown dinners on the hill was live Kenyan music from a live band. 



Lake Elementaita Serena camp has a ton of activities to choose from. Cooking lessons, Horseback riding, Archery, Boat rides, Sundowners, Nature walks, game drives, Spa treatments and so much more. There was always something you could do. I choose to go on a horse ride with my brother by the lake, have a few spa treatments and slide a few lazy afternoons by the poolside just relaxing.


My stay at Lake Elementaita Serena Camp was literally what dreams are made of. If you are looking for an experience that allows for a space to connect and disconnect, for an experience that slows down time and leaves you breathless, look no further.

A big thank you to the Lake Elementaita Serena Camp team for a wonderful stay. 


Happy New Year beautiful people of the world!

Catch you all on the next post.






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Ditch the winter hat and opt for a crown honey!

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