September is for the stylish daredevil.

September is for the stylish daredevil.

This one goes out to all my beautiful sisters out there. Understand your worth and know your beauty; know your power and know your strength. Love yourself.

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I'm tired…

I'm tired of adhering to the dress code society has put in place for me.

Society: You can't wear that, that's too short.

Society: That is too tight!

Society: That is way too revealing

Society: You know I can see your bra strap.

              Are you even wearing a bra?

             I see your nipples through your shirt.

Society: You'll never get a job dressing like that.

              You look ghetto with hoop earrings.

Society: You're too fat to wear that.

              You're way too thin to pull that off.

Society: You're way too dark skinned for that color to look good on you.

Me: Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women wearing them will.

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September is for the stylish daredevil. This month is for the woman who is tired of conforming to society's rules of what to wear and what not to wear. This month is for the woman who wants to flaunt her curves, flaunt her curls and all the beauty she has been asked to cover up. This month is for the woman who dresses for herself and for no one else. This month is for the phenomenal woman. This month is for the woman who will change our world with her words. This month is for the woman; this month is for you.

The clothes that I wear on my back will not lead me to the greatness and power that I know I harbor within myself. Because I am woman, people will force their thoughts on me, people will force their boundaries on me. They will tell me what to wear, how to behave, who I can talk to and where I can go. I have decided that I will never live in the shadow of other people's judgment. I will make my own decisions in the light of my own wisdom.

Don't let the clothes I wear fool you and make you think that they are in charge. Look for the woman in the dress, if there is no woman, then there is no dress.

This outfit is my modern expression of the classic power suit, it is also known as my “Man Repeller” outfit. A power suit should make you feel confident, successful and in control. However, mine goes far and beyond that.

I picked this outfit for it’s classy, put together, edgy, timeless and transcendent look. Suits are normally tailored for men and very few times would you find suits that are tailored and styled to fit women. I thought to myself, “well that’s absurd.” So I went ahead and decided to wear an all white, fitted power suit with an edge, to help break down the walls of  “you can’t wear that.” And trust me it feels so good!


Outfit details:

Longline cape blazer - Missguided

Cigarette trousers - Missguided

Rose gold strappy heels - Asos

Jewelry - Asos

Lip color - Dose of color

Shop this look. The links to my outfit are posted below.

Don’t be afraid to chat with me in the comment section below. I wanna hear what you guys are planning on doing this September, you already know what I’ll be up to.

Catch you all on the next post.