Ditch the winter hat and opt for a crown honey!

Hello, beautiful people of the world! I hope you are all doing great! You know I am. Just before you dive into this exciting post, there are just a few things you need to have ready to really experience this post. Here we go!

1.     A glass of Cupcake Moscato wine is preferred but you can get a cup of tea, coffee, juice, water or something more seasonal like Eggnog, whatever you may fancy.

2.     Jidenna’s new album, Boomerang, softly playing in the background.

3.     Maybe a few extra pillows here and there, light your favorite candle, scatter rose petals on your bed. Get cozy honey!

4.     Get on your favorite crown on! I have my head wrap on.

5.     And finally, pull up www.fanmdjanm.com website on a separate page. 


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Background info…

I hate long ques at the bank.

I hate that little triangle at the bottom of your windshield that your wipers can never reach.

I hate that they don’t even try to pronounce my name at Starbucks.

I hate that many restaurants miscalculate the bun to meat ratio in a burger so all you’re left with is either a glossy brioche bun with lettuce and a slice of tomato or just a slab of meat.

I hate slow walkers…Like moveeeeeeeee out of my wayyyyyyyyyy!

I hate when they fill half my drink with ice so all I have is a few sips of the strawberry lemonade I just paid $4.50 for.

But, the one thing I hate the most is; Ugly. Winter. Hats. I hate how they look on me, I hate how they look on other people (But they are some people out there who are slaying them. So, just keep doing you boo.) I hate how they look on manikins, how they look displayed on store shelves, how they look on snowmen and especially how they look on all those Jcrew catalogs.

There is just something about how most winter hats assume the shape of a crossbreed between a marshmallow and a half-eaten lollipop that simply doesn’t appeal to me. After a long time of trying to find winter headgear that doesn’t make my head look like I giant blob, I came across the most fabulous, stylish and glamorous head accessories that you could be rocking this winter.  

Fanm Djanm Headwraps

Fanm Djanm means strong woman in Haitian Creole. Fanm Djanm is 1. A black-owned business so whoop-whoop! And YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! You know I’m all about supporting black-owned businesses all day err’ day. And 2. Fanm Djanm does the one thing that No Ordinary Noire does best and that is celebrating, embracing and empowering the beauty and the power that is women of color through personal style, self-love and, self-care!

I love everything about head wraps. They are fun, they are versatile, they are chic and add a little extra pizzazz in to your wardrobe. It feels like you’re trying on different hairstyles every day! And what not to like about that?


I am currently wearing a beautiful black and white pattern head wrap called Kizomba. I love, love, loveeee this head wrap. It is overflowing with black magic and queen vibes and I couldn’t ask for anything more in a head wrap. Kizomba makes me want to call up my girls for a night out to take the town by storm.

The colors are classy, timeless, edgy and clean. This specific head wrap can be paired with a variety of colors and patterns and can either be dressed up or dressed down. I chose to go for an edgy evening out-on-the-town look. I paired it with black thigh-high boots (which are my absolute fave!), a black V-neck bodycon dress, a light grey fur jacket and statement earrings for an extra pop!

Check out the pictures below to see how I pieced my look together.

Remember to sip your drink boo!

Okay! Now to my favorite part, click on the link below to check out more fabulous head wraps from Fanm Djanm!


Would you guys like to see different ways I style my head wraps? Maybe a head warp tutorial??? Sounds good? Sounds good?

Let me know in the comment section below on what you guys think.

Catch all you beautiful people on my next blog post!