Why I have been M.I.A!!!

“Are you going to be posting more content soon?”

“Hey! Are you still blogging?”

“Hey, I was wondering if you would like to collab…”

“Are you alive???”

"Hey, you good sis???"

“Did you fall off the face of the earth?”

“Hit us with more content boo boo!?

“We are waiting for the goods sis!”

“The NON-tribe wants to see more of you! Give us a signal! Something…Please!”


Thank you to everyone who reached out to me during these past few months. I hear you and I see you. Much love to all of you.

Okurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt, let’s cut to the chase, YES! I have been M.I.A.

 For those of you who don’t know, I was a full-time student when I first launched No Ordinary Noire, and at that time of my life I didn’t fully understand the struggles that would come with juggling school, which has always been a priority for me, work and my internship, my blog and various things that were happening in my personal life at the time. I wasn’t sure where and how I should direct my energies and how to use my passions and creative power for a greater good. 

It came to a point where I felt too stretched, too tired and too run down. Every time I sat down to try and write something, it felt so robotic and mechanical. What I was creating didn’t have soul or flavor or that No Ordinary Noire pizzazz! It felt like I was cranking out nonsensical content.

Side note:

I did not post any of that nonsensical content. I have stored them all in a different crevice of the internet. And yes, yes, I used the word crevice. Deal with it!


It takes a lot to create interesting and captivating content. You know, creating something with a little more juice, something that will keep your readers coming back for more.  Some people may think that it comes easy… Sis, all of this, is the furthest thing from flawless and effortless. In my opinion, churning out blogs, videos, stories, “content” especially on a weekly basis has proved to be challenging and is in fact not sustainable.

You know how people always talk about integrity online? The different standard that online publications and personalities are held to. We usually talk about integrity online when it comes to advertising and marketing, butttttttttttt I also think about it in terms of my own personal values.

I am not a content machine and have no intention of being one. You know, like everyone else, sometimes I get negative thoughts in my head, telling me that I am incompetent, I am not creatives, that I am behind, that I am not as popping. Sometimes, those thoughts take over me and for the last few months those thoughts have consumed me. It’s been hard to live on the highways and byways of the inter-webs.

I felt like I had to always do the next big thing, that I had to keep moving, figuring out algorithms there, tweaking Instagram ads, looking for the next collabs. I felt like I had to keep churning MORE AND MORE AND MORE CONTENT!


When I think about integrity and the promises I have made to myself, it is me choosing to carefully navigate a world that values a 24/7 stream of captivating entertainment and content for free. I want to be able to strike a balance between overworking myself and treating my body, mind, and soul like a machine and instead, manifesting a space where there is peace of mind so that I may be able to create a sustainable lifestyle for myself, especially online.

Deciding to intentionally choose myself and listen to my wants and my needs during these past few months, has been one of my greatest victories. This space has allowed to chose a path that has been nurturing and enabled me to bring forth my most authentic self.

I stepped away from overworking myself. I found the importance of balance and now I dwell in it. I have been out here in these streets watering and cultivating new ideas and new stories and making sure I can bring forth my best fruits during harvest season. I immensely appreciate the support I have received from all of you during this year and especially during these past few months and I don’t take it for granted at all.  

Just know that harvest season is near.

I’ve been working on amazing content and have been working with fabulous companies and I am super pumped to bring all of it to you. 


I graduated from college. It’s never too late for a graduation present. I am excepting gifts for the next 10 years.

Catch you beautiful people somewhere on the interwebs.