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Not your mama's jeans

Not your mama's jeans

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There will always be one item of clothing that is quite simply my go-to for everything and I know I’m not alone. I’m talking about the solid pair of mom jeans.


I've always been obsessed with mom jeans because their styling options are endless. I strive to invest in multifunctional pieces that I can dress up or down and wear on different occasions.

In the case of mom jeans, you can dress it up with a nice blouse, classic gold hoops and a pair of heels. Or you can dress it down with a graphic tee and some sneakers, the styling world is literally your oyster. 

I got my mama jeans from an online store called I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE LOVEEEEEE this store. They have a wide variety of denim styles to pick from. The reason ASOS makes my heart beat a little faster than usual is because of their amazing discounts.

Most of their items go for up to 70% off and if you sign up for their student discount you can get another 10% off of your final purchase.  We are out here on a budget and ASOS is here for you boo boo, so make your way over and get you some ASOS jeans! 


I chose to go for a more semi-casual look. I paired my mama jeans with one of my favorite simple white tee's, that I got from The Bee & the Fox.  It's cute and it's simple and it has a powerful message on it and you know how we feel about that; we love it!


In terms of accessorizing, I went for the bare minimum. I paired this outfit with gold chain link earrings, a pastel lilac satchel and added a pop of color with a pair of strappy fuchsia Krysten block heels. All these items were purchased from our very favorite local Target store. 

Check out the photos below to get a closer look at how I paired my outfit.



Never underestimate the power of a woman but also remember to never underestimate the power of mom jeans.

Talk to me in the comment section, how are you styling your mom jeans?

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