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Urban Backyard: A taste of New York

Urban Backyard: A taste of New York

There’s a popular culture in Rome known as “far niente,” which means doing nothing. It’s not in any way a form of procrastination, but a total embrace of leisure. Something I’ve been trying to incorporate in my daily routine.

To set aside time to do nothing, or rather, to do the things that I love to do without trying to check something off my to-do list. I think it is a necessary practice in this crazy fast-paced world we live in. A lesson in slowing down.

I’ve been on the go for the last few weeks. I’ve been traveling from place to place for work and last week I landed in New York. And it was an amazing week.

In any city I go to, I always seek out spot where the wild spirit of “far ninety” burns! On one of my free afternoons in New York I decided to go and explore lower Manhattan. I came across this beautiful coffeeshop called Urban Backyard and mi gente I had to put a ring on it. You know, cause Yoncé! Aye!!!



I loved everything about it. From the decor, to the minimal aesthetic, the music they were playing was perfect, the drinks, the pastries, the people the everything was on point! You definitely feel like you are transported to a new space when you’re in the coffeeshop.


I spent a few hours there, chatting with some friendly faces, listened to some music and a little bit of my book on tape and just took in all the things that were happening around me.

It is important that we take time for ourselves. I believe it is a necessary part of self care. I challenge you to dig deep and find the soul of far niente deep within you and let her come alive. Walk slow and breath easy from time to time. Enjoy the rest of the pictures of my afternoon of pure leisure.

Just minding my black business!

How are you going to incorporate far niente in you daily routine this month? Talk to me in the comment section. Don’t be afraid. Let’s chat!

Catch you all on the next post!



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