Achieng Agutu

No Ordinary Noire X Teva Sandal

Achieng Agutu
No Ordinary Noire X Teva Sandal

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From Scenic airplane rides of the Bay to exploring unexpected wonders off the coast of Maine, this summer is definitely one for the books!

I don’t know if this makes sense but this summer has been one filled with the ultimate form of personal expression and self growth. Something I have really enjoyed has been doing things that have pushed me out of my comfort zone. I went into this summer with a goal to seize every single second and to begin to love the thrill of spontaneity. And this small decision set the tone for adventure, vibrance and explorations; things I have now classified as my “summer shenanigans”.


My “Summer Shenanigans” are rooted within a very adventurous spirit and have been in search for brands that have products that spoke directley to that spirit. And I have been lucky enough to find a brand that embodies that very spirit through and through: Teva Sandal.

Teva Sandal: Hurricane Drifts

Teva Sandal: Hurricane Drifts

Teva Sandals mission is to continue to inspire those who crave experiences and connections, in whatever form they choose to take. For me, I was craving adventure. I was craving something new and fun and fresh and I got a taste of exactly what I was in search of.

Teva has different sandal designs. I opted for their latest design “The Hurricane Drifts”, a super comfy, nearly indestructible, and gravity-defying sandal that have continued to take my summer shenanigans from everyday ordinary to epic!

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Teva Sandal

Crafted to express your personal style.


This summer has me thinking about how I can continue to move through the rest of the year with the same amount of energy and confidence I have had these past few months. And what it has essential come down to for me is to continue to celebrate the freedom to explore and the freedom to try new things. I think that is the sweet spot we need to hit. It could be different for you and different for the next person. But I think there is a special magic to adventure that we need to experience so that we can open ourself up to the wonders of the world!

I would love to hear what you all are up to this summer! Please don’t be afraid to share all the awesome things happening to you this summer in the comment section below with me!

Catch you all on my next post.