Achieng Agutu

Why I moved to Boston!

Achieng Agutu
Why I moved to Boston!

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If you have been keeping up with me on social media then you would know that this is not much of a secret anymore. Your babes left the village and finally moved to the city! No offense to anyone from or living in the midwest but ya’ll this was a big move.

I am writing this blog post on my very first full day in Boston. I’ve moved into my apartment and I’m fully unpacked, I’ve already scouted out the local Taqueria and coffeeshop, I’ve made friends with a cute guy at the gym, you know, things are looking pretty good out here. But some of you have asked me how I even thought about moving to Boston. So here’s the deal.


I have always had a growth mind set and I am continuously seeking opportunities where I can learn new things and better myself. The beginning of this year was filled with a lot of uncertainty for me and I found myself feeling very, very stuck. I was working at a job that didn’t give me most the satisfaction, I was living in an area that was limiting and I was just going through the motion with little to no energy. And that was sort of when I had my “AHA!” moment. I needed something new, fresh, vibrant and lively and simply just life giving.

So in February of this year I started to thinking of things that would do that for me, things that would help me grow professionally, socially and just expand my horizons. After a lot of prayer and thought I decided to apply to Hult International Business School Boston campus for graduate school and I got in! YAYYYYYYY!!!

It was probably one of the hardest decision I have had to make. I was leaving a space that was very comfortable for me, but was also becoming a pretty toxic space and I definitely needed that change.

So I am currently in Boston gearing up to do a double Masters in International Marketing and Disruptive Innovation and I am so FREAKING excited. I have already met such amazing people and have a really good feeling about how this year is going to be.

I am still exploring around and would love to get recommendations of places to visit, things to do , where to get good food and where to shop on the low lol!

You all know the drill, don’t be afraid to chat with me in the comment section below and also don’t be afraid to recommend places for me to visit in Boston.

Catch you all in the next blog post!